We Can Change!


We Can Change Our Future!

Appendix – Timeline of Referenced Changes

  • 2016 – Documentary film We the People:  The Market Basket Effect was released

  • 2017 – 1 million trees were planted in India.

  • 2017 – Oregon makes all illegal drugs legal.

  • 2018-2020 – Greta Thunberg began protesting outside the Swedish parliament at age 16, addressing global climate meetings, organizing student climate strikes and being a leader.

  • Until 2020 – Stories of higher consciousness sounded cuckoo to most Westerners.

  • 2020 – Almost unanimous consensus of informed scientists worldwide warned human actions were changing global climate, and we had 10 years to radically change, keeping global warming within 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, or face catastrophic consequences to life on Earth.[1]

  • 2020 – Global warming was the tip of the iceberg of harms humans were doing to Earth’s life and life support systems.  We were poisoning & harming air, land, water, people and other life.  95% of the world’s population breathed unsafe air.  We were destroying the world’s forests.  Soils were being lost and degraded.  Hazardous wastes, including plastics, were everywhere.  Waters were poisoned and full of trash and toxins.  We produced but had no solution for radioactive wastes that harm life for millennia.  Garbage and litter were almost everywhere.  Light pollution was so prevalent 99% of people couldn’t experience natural night skies, and noise pollution was harming life.  It was estimated 4 Earths were needed to support current human populations at U.S. lifestyles, which the U.S. was pushing on everyone; and the human population was almost 8 billion, and growing at a billion more every 13 years.  Earth was in a "mass extinction event", the first since the dinosaurs disappeared 65 million years ago, perhaps the 6th in the last half-a-billion years, with a million species extinctions from humans expected.  Many humans had no living relationship with nature and didn’t know where food came from, so we were removed from knowing and caring about natural systems or harms we were doing.[2]

  • 2020 – Scientific research and technologies in the U.S. were being rapidly privatized, and withdrawn from public reach, as intellectual property to be exploited by businesses, maximizing profits by rushing R&D to sell stuff quickly, causing widespread harms, that were studied later.  Government was discrediting science in its decision-making, gutting environmental and social protection services, lying to us about science, and increasingly permitting these harms.[3]

  • 2020 – Humans were addicted to cheap energy, even if it only seemed cheap because external costs for harms to environments, health and life were not counted.  Most energy came from burning fossil fuels and from nuclear reactors, which were incredibly harmful and/or risky.  There was no plan for how to safely dispose of radioactive waste anywhere in the world, and that waste can harm life for 250,000 years.  Governments still provided welfare to fossil fuel and nuclear plants, further faking their low costs, and green alternatives were disincentivized often, because of government corruption by the wealth, power and lobbying of these companies.[4]

  • 2020 – The U.S. was rapidly de-regulating utility natural monopolies, allowing them to exploit their natural monopoly power for unfair advantages, like telecom companies biasing consumers to their content businesses by slowing network access speeds for competitors, and only serving the most profitable customers, leaving millions stranded without essential Internet services.  The U.S. lost $1 trillion a year in economic benefits, because they wouldn’t upgrade networks.[5]

  • 2020 – People were obsessed with artificially cheap transportation, which society depended on because things were far apart and people relied on centralized systems for goods and services.  Transportation was artificially cheap, because energy was artificially cheap and transportation infrastructure costs were born by the public.  Pollution from vehicles was literally everywhere.  Public transportation systems were inadequate in the U.S., forcing people into cars and planes.  The U.S. had carved its natural world up, separating and harming wildlife with the equivalent of 301 roads to the moon, adding 1.2 a year, though a fifth were in poor shape, not being repaired and harming vehicles.  There was more than a vehicle per adult in the U.S., 1 in 100 people were injured in vehicles per year, people worked almost 2 months a year to pay for transportation, and spent 7 work weeks a year driving, much of that stuck in traffic.  Walking/biking were hard.  It would be difficult to conceive of a less efficient and more harmful transportation system?[6]

  • 2020 – The U.S. had deferred $10 trillion in infrastructure maintenance and management, causing schools, levees, dams, parks, drinking, waste and storm water systems, and solid and hazardous waste systems to be inadequate, creating public risks and harms.[7]

  • 2020 – The U.S. federal government gave 2 of 100 dollars it had discretion to spend to farmers, often big businesses, often not to plant fields, so prices and profits stayed high.  Industrial agriculture dominated food systems, trying to ignore and deny nature, with monoculture fields, artificial feeds and poisons, proprietary seed monopolies, animals in gulags, cheating them of decent lives, giving them unnatural foods and chemicals, and horrible deaths, destroying forests, ruining soil, poisoning land, water and air, all creating extensive harm to nature, health and life.  Foods were harmfully packaged and poisoned to improve shelf-appeal and profits.  An obesity epidemic raged in the U.S., while many on Earth starved, and 1 in 10 U.S. students were hungry.  The U.S. could have fed all Earth’s hungry with:  twice what it spent per year on diets, just food it wasted, half of what it spent medical costs for its overweight people.  But it didn’t do that.[8]

  • 2020 – Gun violence was epidemic in the U.S.  Almost 10,000 people a month were being shot; and on average, there was a mass shooting per day in the U.S., and 1+ per week in schools.  More children were being killed with guns than U.S. active duty police and military worldwide, U.S. children’s 3rd leading cause of death, who were drilled to hide from murderers in schools.  Guns left kids dead or bleeding at the rate of 1 per hour.  There were 50,000-more gun shops than McDonald's restaurants in the U.S.  Guns were untouchable politically, via corruption.[9]

  • 2020 – The U.S. healthcare system cost twice other industrial nations’ average, which all had universal coverage.  The U.S. system cost 1 in 6 dollars in the U.S. economy, the world’s biggest, leaving 30 million (1 in 10) without it, particularly those that needed but were shut out of care.  It delivered among the worst healthcare outcomes of industrial nations, and the #3 cause of death in the U.S. were mistakes it made.  It was bankrupting the nation, and its people.  Medical debt was the #1 source of personal bankruptcy filings, part of half of personal bankruptcies.  25% of U.S. seniors declared bankruptcy, and 40% mortgaged or sold homes over medical costs; 1 in 5 U.S. adults had big problems paying medical bills, more than 2X the next highest country; and 24 million (10% of) U.S. adults carried prior medical debt.  U.S. people spent the most of any for drugs, marketed directly to them in advertisements.  1 in 3 adults met fitness guidelines.[10]

  • 2020 - Human beings had been getting safely altered by plants and alcohols for millennia, but the U.S. had spent over $1 trillion in 50 years for a War on Drugs, providing half of its prisoners, with drug use higher and prices lower than ever, an epic failure on the surface, but successful in its original strategic intention of disenfranchising those with drug convictions from voting, so some could have political power.  Alcohol and tobacco were perfectly legal, though they caused far more harm than illegal drugs, and a healthcare-system-enabled opioid epidemic raged.[11]

  • 2020 – Mental ills were 2nd leading cause of U.S. disabilities, affecting 1 in 5, and life expectancy was dropping for suicides, harmful behaviors and health problems linked to wicked problems.[12]

  • 2020 - The U.S. was the world’s largest police & prison state, harming 1 in 35 adults, imprisoning us at 5.4 times global average rates, and blacks at higher rates than South Africa at the height of apartheid.  It spent more to keep someone in prison than it cost to send them to Hervard, and criminal records prevented voting.  Enormous numbers of family members were being harmed.  Punishment was the focus, not rehabilitation.  It was unfair racially and socioeconomically.[13]

  • 2020 – U.S. laws, rules and codes filled libraries, and thousands more were added every year, without informing people what they were, often written by special interests and never even read by lawmakers, because of corruption.  Legal systems were unfair, because only the wealthy could afford expensive legal advocates.  Humans were inhibited by fear of predatory lawsuits.  Plea bargains settled most cases, because most couldn’t afford legal representation.[14]

  • 2020 – Income and wealth inequalities were a problem around much of the globe.  The U.S. had the world’s 6th-highest income inequality, worse than all other developed countries.  Its top 10% got as much income as the bottom 90%.  Its richest 1% had more wealth than the bottom 90%, half of all stocks, bonds and mutual funds.  Its 400 richest had more wealth than half its people.  Of 21 developed nations, the U.S. was last in amount of wealth held by the middle class, 20%.   The world’s 8 wealthiest owned more than half the world’s people.  7 of 10 were from the U.S.[15]

  • 2020 – Poverty was a global problem.  In the U.S., the world’s richest nation, officially, 40 million (12% of) people were in poverty, but that vastly underestimated the problem.  40% of its people would struggle to pay for an unexpected $400 emergency.  78% lived paycheck to paycheck.  Federal minimum wage hadn’t increased in 11 years.  That created stress and health problems.  It was causing deteriorating families and communities.[16]  Those not in poverty feared it.

  • 2020 - The U.S. did not track its annual homeless populations, but 1 in 5 in California and 1 in 6 in New York were homeless in a year.  It had enough empty rental housing for its homeless, but harmed homeless were everywhere.   Nobody paid federal legal minimum wage could afford a 2-bedroom apartment in any U.S. city.  36% of U.S. households rented; 2/3 of them couldn’t afford to buy.  House prices had gone from 247% of median income in 1950 to 560% in 2017.  One earning minimum wage would have to work a week to pay for an average U.S. hotel night.  1 in 50 people in the world were homeless, and 1 in 5 had inadequate housing.[17]

  • 2020 - The U.S. tax code was more than 10 million words, 75,000 pages, enough to fill 300 250-page books, growing at a rate of 144,500 words a year, not including a huge body of case law.  U.S. people spent 9 billion hours a year working on taxes, so complex that 90% paid for help.  Much of it provided advantages to the wealthy, who avoided paying taxes.  Its 400 richest people’s tax rates had gone from 30% in 1995 to 17%, about the rate of a $100,000 earner.  Many of its wealthiest corporations paid no taxes.  Still, lawmakers pandered to the wealthy, giving them tax cuts and other advantages.  The U.S. had been spending money like a drunk sailor on leave, with $1 trillion annual deficits, as the economy boomed, and so were its people, racking up total debt of about $1 million per household.  It was quite simply unsustainable.[18]

  • 2020 – People all over the world were focused on artificial money and economics for meaning.  Economics was invented, to guide human behaviors.  Money was totally made up, not real.  Economics didn’t measure stuff accurately, nor did it measure what was important to humans.  Predatory big businesses destroyed local ways of life by extracting real wealth from people, as they exported strategically important industries and jobs to cheap wage nations.  Walled Streets financial businesses played speculation games with fake money while destroying real wealth.  The U.S. had given away its constitutional right to control its money to a private banking system that created and controlled all money, with little oversight, and its banks committed crimes, many “too big to fail”, so their profits were private and their losses borne by the public, and they benefitted from an “invisible” 3% tax on everything for credit cards most were addicted to.  Most people were financially illiterate, though finances were the most important thing in life.[19]

  • 2020 – The U.S. had poor education system performance, in spite of spending at least as much per pupil as other developed countries, with teachers spending more time in class.  Only a third of primary and middle school students were proficient, a fourth dropped out of high school, and less than half of high school graduates were college or career ready.  College was expensive, and grads were debt burdened.  There was big racial and socioeconomic disparity in schools, and scarce counseling.  Schools had poor quality food, and lots of students were hungry and/or homeless.  A big portion of its adults underperformed intellectually and in terms of knowledge.  80% were scientifically illiterate.  Modern society and government did not function well with an ignorant population.  56% of U.S. people opposed teaching Arabic numbers 0 to 9 we all use.[20]

  • 2020 – Despite every human in the U.S. having a history of immigration to the U.S., the U.S. was illegally restricting immigration, banning people from Moslem nations, doing racial profiling, imprisoning asylum seekers separate from their children, scapegoating outsiders for problems.  Immigration problems were global, with many harmed and dislocated, often by Western nations’ actions, struggling for survival by desperately trying to relocate to other lands.[21]

  • 2020 – The U.S. was world’s richest and most powerful empire, with a foreign policy of making the rest of the world do what its power elite wanted, for their benefits.  It operated the world’s largest military, spending more on it than was spent on the next 12 largest militaries, combined, $800+ billion a year, 3/4 of discretionary federal spending, without real spending audits or controls, half going to contractors and mercenaries.  Its military had 6,000 U.S. military bases or facilities 800 more in 80 countries, covering 30 million acres, with 850,000 buildings, making it one of Earth’s largest landowners.  It had 10 times the foreign military bases of the rest of the world, combined, and it was active in 134 countries, in an endless and out of control War in Error.  Its military was the world’s largest polluter, single consumer of energy, and single contributor to global warming, yet immune to any international environmental agreements.  The U.S. sold 70% of the arms in the world.  It had only not been at war for 16 of its 244 years and was complicit in 200 million deaths. The world had 15,000 horrific nuclear weapons.[22]

  • 2020 – U.S. surveillance and spy systems were the world’s biggest, most expensive and invasive.  They’d tried to change others’ governments almost 100 times, and Russia had likely changed its Presidential election outcome in the last election.  It spent $80 billion (7% of FADS) on them, for 1,300 government organizations.  2,000 private companies worked for them, in 10,000 locations across the U.S.; and 854,000 people, 1.5 times the Washingtown, D.C.’s population, held its top-secret security clearances.  They scraped and stored data worldwide to use for exploitation.[23]

  • 2020 - APTI (Arghmanistink, Pakistink, Turkministink, Indearia) pipeline, the real reason for the 20-year-long Arghmanistink War, begins delivering natural gas from one of the world’s largest gas fields, in Turkministink, across Arghmanistink, which had to be controlled, to sell to the almost 2 billion people in Pakistink and Indearia.  War costs were public; the profits private.[24]

  • 2020 - The U.S. had gone from Earth’s greatest champion of human rights to one of its biggest abusers of human rights, and the rest of the world couldn’t or wouldn’t stop it.[25] 

  • 2020 - U.S. people were drowning in 5,000 ads or sales pitches a day, harming us with attention disorders and causing us to put up shields against interacting humanely with other humans.  Our privacy and thinking were invaded and abused without regard to the harms that produced.[26]

  • 2020 - U.S. people were burying heads in media sands.  Screen time averaged 11 hours a day, more than most people slept, rewiring brains, so we couldn’t pay attention and focus.  90% of news media was controlled by 6 companies, corrupting a critical “4th branch of government” which informs the public, and we didn’t trust it.  Propaganda was everywhere.  Media addictions were rampant and causing great harm.  We were being programmed constantly.  Technologies intended to improve communication were impairing it.  Entertainments were dulling us.[27]

  • 2020 – U.S. governments and both its political parties were fundamentally corrupt, including:  elections, 2-political-party duopoly, campaign finance, gerrymandering, and voter suppressions and manipulations.  Government was deeply corrupted by money in politics, with donors and lobbyists demanding and getting preferential treatment from officials they bought into power.  Lobbyists and think tanks corrupted government.  The U.S. Congress and Presidency were deeply corrupted, with critical balances of power between government branches unbalanced.  Government corruption was the #1 issue for the U.S. people, and we did nothing about it.[28]

  • 2020 – Humans used 3 billion kilometers of toilet paper per year.

  • 2020 – Humans used 750 billion plastic shopping bags, a million bags/minute, 150 bags/person, which, joined end-to-end would circle the equator 4,500 times.  Average use - 12 minutes.

  • 2020 – The people were corrupt, complicit in these many harms and great brokenness, at least by allowing them, but also by going along with them, contributing to them in many small ways.[29]

  • 2020-2040 – Period in which the “Greatest Generations” were alive.

  • 2020 – Evidence of human harm on global life support and climate systems was undeniable.

  • 2020 – The Global Pandemic gave people time to stop, break their patterns, get informed, awaken, understand the brokenness and start committing to change.

  • 2020 – Widespread movement within people to look deeply at our individual and collective beliefs, values, practices, habits, behaviors and worldviews and proactively change them.

  • 2020 – Half of states had legal recreational marijuana and two-thirds legal medical marijuana.

  • 2020 – Half the people on Earth were living on less than $2.50 per day.

  • 2020-2040 – Yeah! was publishing positive stories of change and Fellowship for Intentional Communities was aiding the Communities Revolution.

  • 2020-2025 – People increasingly deciding to change themselves deeply.

  • 2020 – 5,400 public benefit corporations were in operation in the U.S.

  • 2020 – Globally, 1 in 10 employed people worked in co-ops with 1 billion members, a worldwide number greater than who owned shares in publicly traded companies, with sales of $3 trillion, equivalent to the total equity ownership of the top 5 global tech giants.

  • 2020-2040 – Green energy transformations.

  • 2020-2050 – Worker, consumer and citizen activism in the U.S. and abroad.

  • 2020-2060 – Period of great spiritual transformations and growth.

  • 2020-2060 – Housing and communities movements and changes were underway.

  • 2020-2060 – Industrial to Permaculture agricultural transformation was underway.

  • 2021 – Global Tool and Equipment Lending Libraries Network starts up.

  • 2021 – Einfach Leben founded.

  • 2021 – First Global Day of Beauty.

  • 2021 – Working Group established by Burnies to standardize Earth Citizen Principles and Values.

  • 2022 - Dakoda Access Pipeline spill disaster.

  • 2022 – Greta Thunberg awarded Noble Peace Prize.

  • 2022 – Star Tracks: Earth Rises show series.

  • 2022 – OurStories launched.

  • 2022 – Sunset Wishes spread around the world.

  • 2022 – Valued Lovers and Partners launched.

  • 2022-2050 – Consumer buying power revolution - increasing #s of people stopped doing business with corporations and individuals that did not reflect our principles and values and started doing business with those that did, dishonoring businesses doing harms.

  • 2023 – IOKS Framework for Spiritual Energies and Consciousness published.

  • 2023 - 10 Shared Principles for Earth Citizens & Underlying Values that Support Them released.

  • 2023 – Federal marijuana decriminalization.

  • 2024 – UAE declares it will no longer use fossil fuels and becomes first Earth Citizen Nation.

  • 2024 – Exxoff-Mobule/DP arctic oil rig explosion and massive oil spill.

  • 2024 – J.D. Rockyfellow’s book was published, and he was murdered.

  • 2024 – Giles Cavendish published The Real Wealth of Humanity.

  • 2024 – New Zealand travelers start trying to get humans to quit using toilet paper.

  • 2024 – Students led effort to get U.S. to adopt global standard weights and measures.

  • 2024 – U.S. Earth Citizens party created during election cycle and President Sioux elected.

  • 2024 – Fukusinas nuclear plant disaster health and environmental impacts are widely known.

  • 2024-2026 - People were turning on to unconditional love, and the testimonials snowballed.

  • 2025 – Hack Yourself founders’ take a trip to the outback.

  • 2025 – James Blond movie We All Die, It Might as Well Be for Something.

  • 2025 – Poiris, France nuclear disaster.

  • 2025 - Tengi Semangat published The Purpose of Banking and Financial Systems.

  • 2026 – UAE becomes first 100% green-powered nation.

  • 2025 – Zara Noorialala published Ethical Islamic Financial Systems.

  • 2025-2035 – Many online sharing services launched.

  • 2025 – President Sioux take office and the Government Take-Back Amendment was passed.

  • 2026 – Abuelos al Mundo began.

  • 2026 – Connect Us study group launches.

  • 2027 – Dolittel Community Campus experiment begun in Eliza, Colorado.

  • 2027 – ICT infrastructure and Inform Us study groups launch.

  • 2027 – Largest prison strike in U.S. history leads to voting rights for all U.S. citizens, including those with criminal records, and women.

  • 2027 – Most people on Earth no longer used toilet paper.

  • 2027 – Nuclear power dismantling agreement signed by most nations on Earth.

  • 2027 – The Battle for New Orlenes.

  • 2027 – U.S. economic, banking and financial system study group launches.

  • 2027 – U.S. adopts global standard weights and measures.

  • 2027 – Universal Translator launched by Dr. Wu.

  • 2027 – War on Drugs ended.

  • 2027-2029 - Credible, relatable accounts of high levels of consciousness inspiring people all over.

  • 2027-2030 – Large media corporations broken up.

  • 2028 – Educate Us study launches.

  • 2028 – President Sioux spent $400B less for military; half of military activity focused at home.

  • 2028 – President Sioux cut U.S. spy and interference activities, and she and Tĥànka were shot, triggering blockages of U.S. intelligence operations and their longer term demise.

  • 2029 – Last fossil fuel vehicles produced, and last fossil-fuel powered auto race.

  • 2029 – U.S. moves to Medicare for All universal healthcare system.

  • 2029 – President Sioux takes office in 2nd term and kicks off national principles and values study.

  • 2030 – Most cities no longer allowing private vehicles.

  • 2030 – 63% of U.S. people self-identify as Earth Citizens.

  • 2030 – ICT infrastructure and Inform Us plans announced and work begins.

  • 2030 – More than half of people on Earth have adopted Earth Citizen Principles and Values.

  • 2030 – Toilet paper is essentially illegal and is no longer produced.

  • 2030 – U.S. economic, banking and financial system study group publishes findings.

  • 2030-2035 – the tipping point, more than half of humanity resonated higher consciousness.

  • 2030-2040 – U.S. economic, banking and financial systems fundamentally recreated, ending Federal Reserve, enabling local currencies, establishing Real Wealth Index, limiting heirs to $1 million, reforming taxes, 50% profit tax, limiting executive pay to 10X lowest paid worker, etc.

  • 2030-2040 – We Can Do This! books and movies.

  • 2030-2050 – Non-profit communities using local currencies as internal means of exchange.

  • 2030-2060 – The wealthy create lasting legacies giving their money away before they die.

  • 2031 – All nations have joined nuclear power dismantling agreement.

  • 2031 – Educate Us plan announced, and work to implement it begins.

  • 2031-2050 - Earth Heroes and In Community reality show series.

  • 2032 – Global ban on most plastics.

  • 2032 – No nations producing electricity with coal or fossil fuels.

  • 2032 – Students for Not Getting Murdered in School national strike.

  • 2032 – U.S. Earth Citizen Nation Principles and Values published, U.S. Constitution rewritten, and 2nd Amendment repealed.

  • 2033 – Dolittel Campus graduated its 1st class of offenders successfully released into society.

  • 2033 – Global ban on producing disturbing noises underwater.

  • 2033 – Last nuclear power plant closed and almost no new nuclear waste after that point.

  • 2034 – Hawaii’s last incident of gun violence.

  • 2034 – Most nations had stopped dumping waste and toxins into waterways and oceans.

  • 2035 – Human population peaked at 9 billion people on Earth.

  • 2035 – ICT infrastructure work and initial Inform Us deployment completed.

  • 2035 – Professor Higenz awarded Congressional Medal of Honor.

  • 2035 – Two-thirds of Earth’s nations had self-declared as Earth Citizen Nations.

  • 2036-2041 – Global 5-year moratorium on fishing.

  • 2036 – Initial Educate Us deployment completed.

  • 2040 – “Permanent” joint space station orbiting Earth begun, modular, solar powered, with 200,000 square feet of interior space, for 200 scientists, engineers, staff and visitors.

  • 2045 – All nations self-declared as Earth Citizen Nations.

  • 2045 – First extraterrestrial astronomical array.

  • 2045 – Professor Higenz awarded Noble Peace Prize.

  • 2050 – 10 Shared Principles for Earth Citizens and Underlying Values that Support Them had one of the largest circulations of any book in history.

  • 2050 - Finally came up with a possible solution for existing nuclear waste, burying it miles underground in a facility it cost a trillion dollars to build and relocate nuclear waste to, which was only possible with the cooperation and contributions of dozens of nations.

  • 2050 – Joint Moon orbit and surface space stations.

  • 2055 – Second extraterrestrial astronomical array.

  • 2055 – Scientists at ZERN develop prototype for converting apparently infinite zero-point energy permeating all space everywhere into energy we can use to produce electricity and, theoretically, thrust for incredibly powerful engines to enable transit through space anywhere.

  • 2060 – $600 billion of goods had been transferred to others through Einfach Leben efforts.

  • 2060 – Accountable to US citizen participation rates exceeds 65%, and voting rates in U.S. national elections exceed 95% of eligible voters, up from less than half of voters in 2020.

  • 2060 – Clean electricity at almost no incremental cost to end users is taken for granted, produced abundantly and cheaply from clean and green sources.

  • 2060 – It’s common for enough to have left property to communities that neighborhoods have other models of ownership, morphing toward community campuses, owned and governed by inhabitants, in various models, ranging from pure democracy to principalities.

  • 2060 – Common people have use of incredibly powerful technologies.

  • 2060 – Crime rates are at 1% of 2020 levels.

  • 2060 – Earth Citizen Nations are all pledged to guarantee global peace and protect rights and privileges of humans, other life and natural systems, via the U.N.E.C.

  • 2060 – Eradiated Fukusinas and Poiris nuclear power plant sites still off limits to humans.

  • 2060 – Gun violence in the U.S. is almost unheard of.

  • 2060 – The human population estimated at 8.75 billion people on Earth.

  • 2060 – Joint Mars orbiting space station mission launched.

  • 2060 – More than 10 billion trees have been planted, Mano Lake up 35 feet, ocean gyres gone, land dedicated to parks and wilderness globally has quadrupled, light and noise pollution reduced by 65% globally, irreversible climate change narrowly averted.

  • 2060 – Most organizations and enterprises are co-ops, public benefit corps or non-profits.

  • 2060 – Nuclear arms on Earth have been reduced to 10 nuclear missiles each, held by the E.U., U.S., Russia, China and India for unanticipated threats to peace on Earth from outside Earth, most likely extraterrestrial bodies that may one day threaten to collide with Earth.

  • 2060 – Only 3 of the original 200 Dolittel Community Campus inmates has ever been charged with another crime, and 2 were acquitted, because they were done in defense of innocents.

  • 2060 – Our states of consciousness or being are among the very top priorities for most people.

  • 2060 – The primary measure of U.S. health as a nation is the evolving Real Wealth Index.

  • 2060 – Tens of thousands of tool lending libraries are on every continent but Antarctica.

  • 2060 – There is no more unwanted advertisement, marketing or solicitation.

  • 2060 – U.S. crime and imprisonment rates have fallen to roughly 1% of 2020 rates.

  • 2060 – U.S. military defense spending is only 10% of 2020 levels.

  • 2060 – U.S. has no secret spy or surveillance networks.  Everything is open and transparent.

  • 2060 – We take it for granted that all are connected to all, always, anywhere, if we want to be, and we have reliable information, and honesty and trust prevail.

  • 2060 – Children are superhuman, compared to before, and lives and futures are bright!


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