We Can Change!


We Can Change Our Future!

The Principled Earth Citizens Era

The shift that occurred in the transition to this new era of knowing and living by shared principles and values has been extremely profound.  It is as important as humanity’s transition to agricultural systems, the industrial revolution, or the information and communication technologies revolution.  Quite simply, it informed, changed and guided who we are, what we believe in, our individual and group characters, how we live with integrity, our actions and behaviors, at every level, and what we honor and respect.

This shift informed, motivated and mobilized people of Earth to come together and change ourselves, our organizations and our everyday and exceptional behaviors and actions to be able to tackle and address climate change and how we live and cooperate in communities, societies and civilizations.  There has been a shift, a rise in consciousness, for individuals and groups.  From the perspectives of the U.N., Earth Citizen Nations, States, Cities, Communities and Individuals, things look and feel different.  It’s helped us shift into higher states of being.  We’re able to solve problems created in lower energies and states of being by viewing them from higher states of awareness, consciousness and perspectives, and by making good use of ideas, efforts and creations that emerge from those states. 

Old hippies celebrate the, perhaps late, arrival of the Age of Aquarius with joy.  Others call it the Era of Earth Citizen Principles and Values.  We grapple to describe and explain the profound changes and the moving subjective experiences, thoughts and feelings that go with them.  We now have things to believe in that are greater than ourselves, that we can believe in because they make sense to us and are known to us personally, not because some authority tells us we must, or because some god supposedly said so to someone who wasn’t us, or because of a threat for noncompliance in an afterlife, or through some law we’re not personally familiar with, enforced with inhumane punishment in prisons here on Earth.  There’s a profound peace of mind that goes with that.  Our societies and lives make sense to us.

In our new states of being, we’re much less beleaguered by lower, negative energies and emotions, or the conditions or psychological states they produce.  There’s much less shame, blame, guilt, despair, hopelessness, apathy, regret, grief, fear, anxiety, craving, anger, greed, hate, vindictiveness, scorn, unworthiness, punishment, criticism, vengeance and misery.  That corresponds to less mental illness and other harmful health impacts.  There’s less harmful reactionary behavior.  We’re less easily manipulated.  Our thinking is clearer.  There’s much less violence and crime, and less need and stimulus for terrorism, so there’s less terrorism.  There’s less scapegoating.  With no “us versus them”, there’s less conflict and competition.  We respect, trust and cooperate with each other.  We encourage and support, help and gift each other.  We communicate honestly and respectfully, listening better.  We share information and experiences transparently.  We operate more efficiently, and there’s much less waste.  We have time.


All of that feels so good!  Rather than negative energies that previously dominated, we now experience things like pride, affirmation, courage, trust, willingness, optimism, forgiveness, release, allowing, mercy, hope, encouragement, harmony, love, wisdom, care, helpfulness, serenity, joy, peace, compassion, help, bliss and illumination.  We resonate higher energies.  We are higher beings.  We feel more satisfied, fulfilled, motivated, engaged and rewarded.  We are happy and much healthier.  We work hard, inspired and impassioned, but we also take lots of time to relax, sit with thoughts, meditate without thoughts, play, have fun with others, have new experiences, and develop new interests, knowledge and abilities. 


Though we’ve suffered many catastrophic changes and losses associated with climate change we didn’t address quickly enough, like property lost to sea level rise, coral reef and forest setting devastations, loss of polar ice and rising methane from that, extreme heat, new diseases, water flow changes, extreme storms, fires, drought, crop losses, sinking islands, insect invasions and massive species extinctions, we’ve also changed our relationship with nature, and things are getting better now, rather than worse.  We respect life, life support and natural systems.  We relentlessly seek ways to avoid harming them.  We’ve changed agriculture to permaculture practices.  Most of us spend significant time in nature and appreciate it.  We’ve undertaken massive efforts to reforest lands, repopulate them with wildlife and to integrate nature into our cities, urban areas and towns.  We operate with love and respect for nature.

Communities movements and efforts have led to a general shift of what were centralized, far away government powers and systems back toward local communities, where regular people can more readily influence relevant systems, actions and decision-making, and better optimize them for local conditions, because we know them and the people involved with them.  We’re much more empowered to create our lives and worlds the way we want them to be at the edges, because people trust we won’t behave poorly when we’re pledged to Earth Citizen Principles and Values.  That shift of concentrated power from centralized and far-away national and regional governments makes it less likely any will be corrupted by great power or be able to do great harm with it, which appeals to traditional conservatives, or that special interests will be able to manipulate that concentrated power and use it to benefit at the expense of others, which appeals to traditional liberals.  We’ve developed and use our powers.

In communities, people feel and are connected, loved and supported.  That provides great satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness.  We create together and see the fruits of our labors benefitting our families, friends, lovers, neighbors and acquaintances.  We take care of, love, support and encourage each other.  We raise spirits, and laugh, play and have fun together.  We create, share and enjoy real wealth and abundance together.  We share values and beliefs.  We’re in each other’s lives.  We have relationships with nature, people and other life in our environments.  That makes an enormous difference.


We’re not afraid of or resistant to change.  Change is happening always, whether we want it to or not.  We try to create positive change and feel positive about it.  We dance and swim in the flow of change, rather than clinging rigidly to the pasts to pretend we can avoid it.  We and our children are high spirits, internally equipped to meet and adjust to any change with integrity.  It is incredibly fulfilling to know that our children and other progeny have the internal states and tools to meet problems of the future, knowing that they will be OK and continue making things better when we are gone.


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