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10 Shared Principles for Human Earth Citizens

Grappling personally, deeply and consciously with our culture, beliefs, worldviews, values and qualities is good, if also challenging work.  A lot of important things emerged as we worked out with them above.  Deep down in all that stuff, code runs in our heads, programming and conditioning that drives conscious and unconscious actions and behaviors.  Let’s keep exploring this stuff, on our own and in communities.  In the meantime, however, we need something simpler we can remember and work with more easily as we go through our daily lives to create change now, something to live by and try to be true to. 

Ten is the number of fingers on two typical human hands, a graspable and memorable number of core, high-level values.  Let’s try to put together 10 core principles, one for each finger, that synthesize our values and can help guide us to live and be the way we want to be, as we create the realities we want.  As conscious, human, living beings of planet Earth, let’s adopt and aspire to live by these? 10 principles, as dear, important and mutually beneficial shared ideals, aspirations and objectives, because they make common sense to us, personally and deeply, and represent and encapsulate many sustaining life values for the world we want to live in, the ways we want to live in it.  Help this help us change for the better!

Adopt and Respect 10 Core Principles with Character, Integrity, Honesty and Trust! 


We need and adopt clear living principles and values we personally know, believe in and grapple with to build good, strong characters, which we endeavor to live by with integrity, all of which we promote with honor and respect, as foundations for societies, environments and lives we want to be part of. 

Our current system of creating and enforcing laws to guide human activity and behavior does not work fairly or optimally for all, because it is far, far too complicated.  Our laws and codes already fill many hundreds of volumes of books with many thousands of rules.  Every year, thousands of rules are added, with ever increasing detail and complexity, and with virtually no effort to inform people what they are.  Ignorance of the law is not accepted as a defense for violating a law, yet we make almost no effort to address that ignorance.  There is no human being alive who knows all of our laws and codes, because it is essentially impossible to do so.  Yet, we expect people to live by these laws.  That’s absurd.  Our system to guide human behavior and action is not accessible or comprehensible to most human beings. 

We now have legal systems that are supposedly created to produce fairness, but are fundamentally and structurally unfair.  Only those with enough money can afford to pay specialists to understand and work within these byzantine legal constructions to represent individual or organizational interests, guide compliant behavior and defend us against increasing legal attacks and manipulations.  We imprison and punish rather than help and rehabilitate far too many, often for victimless crimes or offenses that come from mental illness, desperation, alienation or despair, like stealing to provide for basic human needs, which, at this point in our evolution and civilization, we could easily be guaranteeing for all.

Our legal systems unfairly target, prosecute and imprison some groups of our people more than others, minorities, those of lower social and economic classes, and those whose offences cause no being harm, while allowing wealthy, upper class, government and white collar criminals, who truly do harm to many, to retain freedom and wealth, almost immune from prosecution and above the law.

Many of our governments are now fundamentally corrupt, with politicians dependent on contributions of money and influence to run media marketing campaigns to win elections, and then beholden to their contributors, who exert power over politicians to pass laws that create additional advantages for them.  We routinely pass laws written by special interests, specifically for the benefit of those special interests, often at great social or environmental costs, and laws that the lawmakers have never even entirely read.  Yet, we are all legally bound by these laws, which we are never even told about.  That makes no sense.

To be genuinely useful for human thoughts, behaviors, activities and interactions, guidelines have to be simple and understandable, and we have to know and agree with them.  That cannot happen with voluminous, obtuse, detailed and ever-proliferating legal minutiae.  That can happen at the level of basic, broad principles and values.  We need a simple set of a few core high level principles we can all understand, agree with, remember and work with in our day-to-day existences, and those need to encompass and represent more detailed but also understandable and agreeable core values.

Core values and principles inform everything else.  They can effectively guide human behavior, activity and interactions, because we can teach, understand and work with them personally.  We can identify with them personally and integrate them into our characters.  We can work to be true to them as matters of integrity.  We can actively encourage or discourage behaviors, activities and interactions with respect and honor or disrespect and dishonor according to whether they are consistent with our values and principles, because we’re working with things we understand and agree with deeply and personally. 

These principles and values attempt to address the perspective of shared humanity, as conscious, living human beings on the only planet we know of that supports life as we know it.  It’s likely and hopeful we can do better.  If so, let’s do that!  But let’s agree on and start living by something, for the best possible outcomes for all!  As soon as any of us do that, the world changes for us, for the better.  When enough of us do that, the world changes for all, and for many living beings on Earth, for the better.  We don’t have to wait for others, or our governments, or anything else to do that.  Do it, and the world changes!

At other levels of society, we may need or want other principles and values.  A community, enterprise or organization needs a clear mission statement, what it intends to do, and clear statements of shared values and principles, how it intends to be and do.  Those give participants and those interacting with them clear understandings of what that group or effort is all about, what it intends to be and do, and how it intends to be and do it.  When we connect at that level, we understand, agree and resonate with each other, and that foundation informs more detailed being, action, behavior and interactions.  It’s actionable, and it provides criteria to use in evaluating performance, being, action and behavior.

At the broad level of shared humanity, let’s work out on and adopt shared principles and values, something like these, even if they are different from these.  Let’s then work to integrate them into our personal and group characters, which inform being, behaviors, activities, relationships and interactions.  Let’s then work to live by them with integrity, being true to our characters, values and principles.  Let’s then show respect and honor for demonstrations of character and integrity, consistent with our core values and principles, as ways of encouraging and promoting them.  We thrive when we believe and work for something greater than ourselves.  These principles and values can be greater than ourselves.

At the level of our communities, enterprises, organizations and individual lives, let’s do the same thing, being transparent with all about what our missions, values and principles are, so all can understand what we are trying to be and do, and help each other. 

At the level of shared humanity, we agree to adopt and do our best to live by 10 encapsulating principles like these, because we acknowledge, appreciate and want values like these:

  • The health and longevity of the life support systems and diversity of life on Earth.

  • Being able to learn and benefit from systems and diversity of life on Earth, respecting diversity.

  • Not being afraid of the harms we are creating on Earth, and for life as we know it.

  • The benefits of experiences of being in balanced, harmonious natural environments.

  • Not being afraid, anxious or driven by other negative or vicious energies.

  • Not suffering harm or manipulation based on fear of death or anything in our lives and cultures.

  • Being supportive, respectful and humane towards all life, in death and in life.

  • Rich, rewarding lives, growing and evolving, via active engagement with life and experience.

  • The experiences of fully living healthy and engaged lives, for all forms of life.

  • Being parts of living, caring, supportive communities, at many levels.

  • Knowing we and our loved ones are healthy, supported, thriving, fit, secure and evolving.

  • Having the guidance, simplicity and structure of agreed upon values and principles to live by.

  • Knowing what to respect, honor and strive for in our lives, communities and organizations.

  • Being able to trust each other, information and knowledge because we are honest and share.

  • Being allowed the unique personal experiences of developing on our own unique paths.

  • Knowing and benefitting from love and other higher energies in ourselves and relationships.

  • Having strong, healthy and supportive family, community, romantic and friend relationships.

  • Having and enjoying healthy and clean water, air, food, soil, environments and ecosystems.

  • Feeling good because we create and experience beauty, art and music in our lives.

  • Choosing to create and share abundance, so we do not feel constrained by scarcity.

  • Sharing accurate information and knowledge, so we all benefit and accelerate our evolution.

  • Not being overwhelmed by unnecessary noise, advertisement, choices, information and blather.

  • Living in a world that is fundamentally fair, and enjoying life through humor, laughter and play.

  • Taking time to sleep, be free, and be and do right by our loved ones, children, youth and elders.

  • Having personal spiritual experiences and evolving in the dimension of consciousness.

  • Enjoying the benefits of wisdom developed widely through diverse, real, personal experiences.

  • Having a stable identity and character in core beliefs and principles, not just in our jobs.

  • Not having raging ego inflation and undeservingness disorder problems from unfairness.

  • Not suffering nature deficit disorders.

  • Knowing what to care and be courageous about and work toward.

  • Knowing there’s no such thing as “us versus them”; there’s only “us”; and respecting all of us.

  • Being able to be truly present, alone or with others, where life happens, in the moment.

  • Not feeling separated, isolated and lonely, and truly feeling free, happy, fulfilled and satisfied.

  • Experiencing the spiritual benefits of being in service to others, helping, sharing and giving.

  • Benefitting from personal spiritual experience and growth, without religious manipulation.

  • Being able to take the time to do something right and well, so we can count on and enjoy it.

  • Being able to exert and play and work with our imaginations and creativity.

  • Not having gross, unfair, divisive and destructive disparities of wealth, income and power.

  • Being able to focus on creating real wealth ends, rather than artificial money means.

  • Replacing capitalism, greed and artificial money focuses with a new American Dream.

  • Knowing evolution as a function of all we are and do, not just random “survival of the fittest”.

  • Empowering ourselves and what we believe in, rather than what we don’t and feeling jaded.

  • Being truthful and comprehensive in the stories we share of our history, culture and activities.

  • Being able to experience and grow personally and spiritually, rather than just intellectualize.

  • Proactively, comprehensively creating enduring and quality instead of reactive, failing systems.

  • Replacing the stress, anxiety and harm of competition with the many benefits of collaboration.

  • Having common dreams and aspirations that are good for all instead of just a few.

  • Demoting rather than rewarding greed, exploitation and negative energies and motivations.

  • Reducing social divisiveness, disparities and unfairness in our economic and all systems.

  • Realizing true happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction through real wealth.

  • Being able to experience true democracy and empowerment in communities and organizations.

  • Actively participating in and being able to affect our civic and social systems.

  • Knowing, respecting, following and allowing human rights and freedoms.

  • Having a healthy balance between objective and subjective views and needs.

  • Having a healthy balance between individual and collective views and needs.

  • Experiencing and personally knowing unconditional and universal love and higher energies.

  • Experiencing the benefits and growth of quiet time and meditation.

  • Feeling good about participating in virtuous rather than vicious lives, energies and activities.

  • Not feeling stuck playing a game that feels fundamentally wrong and unfair.

  • Not doing or contributing to doing violence or harm to anyone, any being or anything.


With honesty and trust, always, let’s live by 10 clearly articulated and shared principles and values, integrated into our characters, adhered to with integrity, and respected with communicated honor.


10 Shared Principles for Earth Citizens


  1. Wake Up; Be Aware & Informed; Love & Care; Be, Do & Evolve as Your Highest Self!

  2. Be Honest; Do No Harm or Violence, Directly or Indirectly, to Any Being or Natural System!

  3. Know and Emulate Nature, Natural Systems and Life, and Allow and Help All to Thrive!         

  4. There Is No Us versus Them, Only Us; Cherish our Diversity and Make It Work for All!            

  5. Thrive as Individuals, Families and Friends in Close, Cooperative, Caring Communities!

  6. Cultivate and Share Good Health, Food, Water, Air, Lands, Beauty and Abundance!

  7. Create & Foster Real Wealth, Like Love, Relationship, Beauty, Happiness & Evolution!

  8. Be Fair & Constrain Material Wealth, Power, Money, Ego, Greed & Lower Drives!

  9. Make Time for Sleep, Vacation, Nature, Spirit, Quiet, Growth, Presence, Fun and Change!

  10. Without Fear, of Death or Anything, Engage in Life and Experience and Develop Wisdom!

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