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We Can Change! encourages us to wake up, get informed, use common sense and create urgently needed positive and proactive changes now.  

Painted cover art.  Left side red with problematic images. Right side green with healthy images.  Center yellow with abstract images and title.

The left section, We Can Change Our Wicked Problems!, makes a case for change, with 300 pages and 2,000 references gathering densely factual information to document twenty-five broken and unsustainable social problems in the U.S.  We must take back and use our power to change and address them.  It's urgent!  They produce and lead to environmental and social collapse, suffering and harm otherwise.  Download free PDF.

If so many major systems are broken, that indicates something broken at a deeper level, down in our foundational worldviews, beliefs and values.  There is a relationship between our inner and outer worlds.  As above, so below.  We must awaken, examine and change our inner values.  The middle section, We Can Change Our Programming!, explores such values and attempts to draft 10 Shared Principles for Earth Citizens, shared values we can use to become better human beings and inform positive change.  This is a way to come together and change, to become wiser human beings, who make better decisions and take better actions than we do today.  Download free PDF.

The right section, We Can Change Our Future!, is fiction, make-believe, positive and fun!  It pretends we are two generations in the future, in 2060.  If we committed to change, and adopted shared principles like these, how might we have changed, and what might our worlds look like?  How might things be different?  Let’s use our imaginations, play, and try to envision a different future than we’re on the path to realizing now!  If the world were the way we wish it was, how would that world be?  Let’s start living that way and creating that world now!  It's eye-opening and inspiring.  Download free PDF.

Change is coming, always.  We can sit passively, going along with it all, hoping others will do something, spacing out on gizmos and substances, and experience painful and harmful negative changes and suffering, or we can get informed, know what is not working, get up and take action within our own lives to produce positive, proactive change that gives us the worlds we want to live in.  Let's do that!  We can change!


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